Terms and conditions

1. Preamble

Customer: a person or organization who purchases one or more courses provided by Knowdis BV (Knowdis), for their own use of and/on behalf of others.

Knowdis: owner and provider of the software programs, websites and databases which together form the technical foundation for a course.

Provider: the party providing a course. For all courses offered on this website, the provider is Knowdis. More information about us can be found here.

Agreement: the agreement between the provider and the customer regarding the purchase of one or more courses.

Course fee: the price the provider charges the customer.

2. Agreement

The customer accepts an offer made by the provider and enters into an agreement by filling in the order form on the provider’s website and confirming their purchase.

Prior to confirming the purchase, the customer is required to read and accept these terms and conditions and to confirm this when finalizing their order.

3. Obligations – Knowdis

Knowdis provides the services described in article 1 of these terms and conditions. The technical services Knowdis provides include invoicing and facilitating the online payment process. The latter is provided by a payment service provider: a third party contracted by Knowdis.

Also, Knowdis provides the content of courses available on imdg-courses.com.

Knowdis does not share data of any customer or participant with a third party beyond what the minimum required for proper and prompt delivery of the services (course enrollment) Knwodis provides.

Knowdis provides the platform on which courses are offered, and ensures to the best of its ability that the information that can be found on its websites is correct.

Knowdis guarantees correct delivery of courses that have been purchased.

Participants will be provided with the means to access access courses they have purchased, or which have been purchased for them, upon receipt of course fees by Knowdis.

Customers should address Knowdis for any complaints they may have.

4. Cancellation

The EU Digital Services Act (DSA) which governs online (distance) purchases of digital content applies to purchases made through this website. This means that the customer foregoes the right to revoke any offer if:

  • the digital service of product (in this case, an online course) is made available upon order confirmation and can be started straightaway. This condition applies.
  • the customer agrees to forego their right to revoke under the DSA, as part of the terms and conditions set forth on this website and applicable to any purchase through this website, by agreeing with these terms and conditions.

5. Complaints

The customer should direct any questions or complaints at Knowdis, via email, without delay. Knowdis will address any issue brought to its attention within 30 days.

6. Liability

Knowdis is not liable for any damages, material or immaterial, arising during the use or through the use of a course, unless Knowdis has acted with willfull or gross negligence.

In any and all cases where Knowdis is liable for damages, the amount to which the customer or the participant is entitled is limited to the amount the customer or the participant has paid to Knowdis. The customer or participant cannot claim any amount higher than the course fees Knowdis has received from them.

Force majeure precludes Knowdis bearing any liability whatsoever.


Knowdis has a strict privacy policy. Data and personal information provided to Knowdis by the customer will be kept strictly confidential and will not be shared with third parties except where necessary for the provision of services.

8. Intellectual property

Customer or any other party is not allowed to share, download or copy course content without prior written permission by Knowdis.

Any and all information displayed on Knowdis websites (including but not necessarily limited to product websites and course websites, including all information, text, images and any other material) is and remains the property of Knowdis. Customer or any other party is not allowed to share, download or copy this content without prior written permission by Knowdis.

A customer, participant or any other party who provides to Knowdis any suggestions or advice on how to improve services or course content, grants Knowdis the everlasting and unrestricted right to use the information provided unless the provider states explicitly and in writing that such information is provided confdentially.

9. Applicable law and disputes

Agreements regarding the purchase of courses from Knowdis through this website are subject to the laws of the Netherlands. Any disputes will be settled by the competent court of Rotterdam.